Friday, March 20, 2015

Kronfeld's List of Horror

Who is Kronfeld?, you may ask. Well, I'm married to her and she asked--nay, demanded!--that she have her say here on the blog in regards to favorite horror books. She's a big reader and always has been, so why not? Who am I to say "no" to such a loving, caring, beautiful--well, you get the idea. Take a look!

Stephen King - The Stand
Stephen King - 11/22/63
Stephen King - Carrie
Stephen King - 'Salem's Lot
Stephen King - Pet Sematary
Clive Barker - Coldheart Canyon
Clive Barker - The Books of Blood
Poppy Z. Brite - Lost Souls
Poppy Z. Brite - Exquisite Corpse

Gillian Flynn - Gone Girl
Gillian Flynn - Sharp Objects
Gillian Flynn - Dark Places
Shane Stevens - By Reason of Insanity
Joe Hill - NOS482
Joe Hill - Heart-Shaped Box
Paula Hawkins - The Girl on the Train
Anne Rice - Interview with a Vampire
Bentley Little - The Ignored 
Charlaine Harris - True Blood books
Charlaine Harris - Midnight Crossing 

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