Sunday, December 27, 2020

Wonder Woman 1984

Anyone who knows me knows that I love superheroes. I have loved fantasy since I was a kid and I have loved Marvel comics since I picked up my first issue of the Fantastic Four back in the Seventies. Never once since then have I gotten tired of superheroes, and even if I had it wasn't for very long. 

Screw the haters; I'll see any live action superhero movie (or TV series) any time, any day, and as soon as possible, and it was no different when it comes to DC's most powerful female character. The new Wonder Woman movie just came out in theaters, and on HBO Max, which was where I watched it. Both my wife and I enjoyed this action movie, and found it a great way to spend Christmas Eve. And even though I had a handful of quibbles and it was not the best superhero movie I've ever seen (DC seems to have a problem making these movies, whereas Marvel does not), it had enough juice and personality to keep this comic book/pulp fiction fan satisfied. Perhaps it could have been a half hour shorter and thereby tightened up script- and logic-wise, but by being longer it gave me time to lean back, and spend some quality time with one of my favorite types of people: fantasy heroes. Fun fare for the full family. 

Now bring on the next superhero movie! I'm always ready. 

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