Monday, June 29, 2020

#Hero #Fiction

Generally, there are two types of fiction I am interested in writing: Horror, and what I call Hero Fiction. You may ask yourself, what is hero fiction and how does it differ from, say, “heroic fantasy” or “men’s adventure”? I’ll try to explain.

Hero Fiction is a blanket term I’m now using that covers everything from sword and sorcery to superhero comics. The stories must have plenty of action and adventure, and a strong hero who’s not afraid to fight for what they feel is right. These heroes generally have a firm philosophy and do not hesitate when action is called for. Of course anti-heroes are allowed as well, as long as there is plenty of action.

“Heroic fantasy” does not fall within this genre because it is too long in the telling; hero fiction is focused more on action and plot and less on exposition and character development, making for stories that get right to the point. As for the genre known as “men’s adventure”, it implies to me obligatory sex scenes which are unnecessary in hero fiction as I define it.

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