Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year! (2017)

Happy New Year, readers! I hope this post finds you well despite what some consider a horrible year. And I must admit, many bad things did happen in 2016. But enough about that; you already know the story there. Onward...

Below I have posted a couple lists of favorite books and albums that I enjoyed from last year. The albums were released in 2016 but the books vary in publication date, because that's how I roll.  So I hoped you saved some of your holiday money, because this is some great stuff!

Five favorite albums of 2016:
Metal Church - XI (heavy metal)
High Priest of Saturn - Son of Earth and Sky (space/stoner rock)
Eternal Champion - The Armor of Ire (heavy metal)
Dunbarrow - s/t (stoner/doom rock)
Svartanatt - s/t (hard/doom rock)

Favorite books read in 2016:
Tarzan Omnibus, Vol 1 (fantasy comics collection)
The Elementals - Michael McDowell (horror novel)
Rue Morgue's Magazine's Blood in Four Colors - Pedro Cabezeulo (non-fiction)
Criminal Vol. 1: Coward - Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips (graphic novel)
'Taint the Meat...It's the Humanity! and Other Stories Illustrated by Jack Davis (horror comics collection)
Lemons Never Lie - Richard Stark (crime novel)
Night Passage - Robert B. Parker (crime novel)
Azrael Vol. 1: Fallen Angel - Dennis O'Neil, others (superhero comics collection)
Batman: Shadow of the Bat Vol. 1 - Alan Grant, Norm Breyfogle, Tim Sale (superhero comics collection)
Last Guardian - David Gemmell (fantasy novel)
Bloodstone - David Gemmell (fantasy novel)
Quest for Lost Heroes - David Gemmell (fantasy novel)

Happy reading and listening and I hope to post in here soon as I have some publication news to pass on.