Monday, February 16, 2015

David North-Martino's Wolves of Vengeance

David North-Martino’s Wolves of Vengeance was sent to me by the author for review. Judging by the title of this novel you might think it had to do with werewolves, however the Wolves of Vengeance are not werewolves but something more original. This story is about a town caught up in the terror of mysterious animal attacks that have the local police baffled, and it is not long before a special military division, one that is not on the books, is sent in to handle the situation. At 155 pages, this is not a long novel but then this type of thing is best served in shorter form. As much thriller as horror novel, the author does a fine job of balancing the occult elements against the realistic action. He has also done his research, or so it seems to me, and this gives the book that extra depth we long for in our escapist entertainment. Mixing this real world detail with otherworldly mysteries and doing it well, this book is a fun and exciting read.

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