Monday, November 3, 2014

Writing Time

Time: no one has as much of it as they think they do. The Grim Reaper could be right around the corner and we have no way of knowing. The older you get, the faster time seems to slip away. And if you’re a writer, you might feel like you have even less time than most, because writing, for many of us, has to be wedged in among all the other things going on in our lives.

But now is all the time you have and the best time for writing is now!

I have a full-time day job because I actually like to eat and buy nice things, and I have a wife because she’s awesome and I want her around for-like-ever, and I exercise because it helps keep Mr. Reaper away, so my time for writing is limited. Yet when I have a moment to myself I may find myself tweeting, facebooking [my auto-correct doesn’t think that’s a word] or shopping online for music and books, and I feel guilty the whole time and for hours afterward because instead of pissing my precious time away on the ‘net I could have been writing super cool tales of fantasy and horror. (A side note: Reading is never a waste of time for a writer--but you still have to, you know, write.)

So please do what I (and many other authors) have instructed and put aside a block of time each day to sit your ass down and write. It can be as little as half an hour or even a mere fifteen minutes. And when you’re finished, you’ll feel much more accomplished than if you hadn’t done it at all.

Let’s face it: these days there are dozens of distractions that aren’t what you’d consider necessary to your wellbeing. Get off Twitter (he said to himself—I am not exempt here), stop playing that video game and focus instead on what’s important to your heart and to your soul. Resist posting to your e-friends about that doughnut you had for breakfast and, instead, pull up a Word document, take out that legal pad, and start hammering out some sentences. You’ll feel much better about yourself afterward because, instead of wasting time, you actually created something special that is your very own. And that’s what it’s all about.

Happy writing!